“… master guitarist.” Blues Magazine
“…. a composer of real talent.” Soul Bag Magazine

His story ...

This blues man got his start playing classical guitar at the age of 11 on a farm in Normandy, France. Five years later when BB Kingʼs “Blues Is King” reached his ears, his focus changed to Blues, from there he became one of the most admired Blues guitarists in France. This extraordinary soloist integrates the Blues of the 40’s & 50’s with contemporary blues to create his own unique sound and style. In his 40+ year career, he has won several awards for best soloist. He’s shared the stage with many recognized Blues artists including Diunna Greenleaf, Sax Gordon, Sean Costello, Alex Schultz, Kid Ramos, Jimmy Morello, Andy J. Forest, Michael “Hawkeye” Herman, Rob Rio, Kenny “Blues Boss” Wayne, Candye Kane, Fernando Jones, Ricky Nye, Sean Carney, Steve Clayton, Shaun Booker. He tours regularly with Lil’ Red & The Rooster, Mike Sanchez, Steve Clayton & The French Blues Explosion. He remains ever true to his favorite guitar masters, T-Bone Walker, Tiny Grimes, & Charlie Christian. Listen Here!

“… the exceptionally graceful and virtuoso guitar of Pascal Fouquet takes you into a fourth
dimension… ” Fred Delforge, Zicazic

♦ 2015 France Blues Challenge Finalist w/ Lil’ Red & The Roosters
♦ 2014 Columbus Blues Challenge Winner w/ LIl’ Red & The Rooster
♦ 2005 First Cognac Blues Passion award with Ze Bluetones
♦ 2002 FestiBlues International Award with The Hoodoomen
♦ 2002 BottleNet Elmore James Award (Best Blues Soloist)
♦ 2002 BottleNet Robert Johnson Award (Best Composer)
♦2002 “Open Days” House of Live Award (Hoodoomen)
♦ 2002 Blues-sur-seine (Best Electric Blues Band) The Hoodoomen
♦2002 BottleNet Luther Allison Award (Best Concert)
♦2002 BottleNet Big Bill Broonzy Award (Best Album)
♦2001 France Blues Guitarist of the Year Award
♦2000 France Blues Guitarist of the Year Award

♦ 2017 Lil’ Red & The Rooster – “Soul Burnin’ ” – Guitarist
♦ 2016 Jackson Sloan – “Postcards from Paris” – Guitarist
♦ 2015 Shane D. Wilson – “You Asked For It” – featured soloist
♦ 2014 Alain Messier – Featured soloist
♦ 2014 New Line Up – Featured soloist
♦ 2013 Lil’ Red & The Roosters – “Out Of The Coop!”
♦ 2012 Jenny Lee & The Hoodoomen – “Pretty Gritty City”
♦ 2012 Drew Davies Rhythm Combo – “You Make Me Shake“
♦ 2012 Abdell B. Bop – “The Story So Far”
♦ 2010 Drew Davies Rhythm Combo – “Wild Man Walk”
♦ 2009 Bluetones – “More Than A Feelin‘“
♦ 2008 Drew Davies -“Rockin’ The Highlands: Tribute to Tiny Grimes”
♦ 2008 Drew Davies Rhythm Combo – “Ten Days Ten Nights”
♦ 2006 Ze Bluetones – “Free Access To The Playground“
♦ 2006 Hoodoomen – “Tribute”
♦ 2003 Hoodoomen – “House Of Live”
♦ 2002 Hoodoomen – “Keep On Dreamin'”

Lil’ Red & The Rooster US/FR
Steve Clayton & The French Blues Explosion UK/FR
Drew Davies Rhythm Combo UK/FR
(w/ Mike Sanchez UK)
(w/ Shanna Waterstown US)
(w/ Steve Clayton UK)
(w/ Ricky Nye US)
(w/ Kenny “Blues Boss” Wayne US)
The Hotdoggers UK/FR
The Diunna Greenleaf US/FR
The Hoodoomen FR
Ze Bluetones FR
Bluetones FR
Boogiematics FR
Jenny Lee & The Hoodoomen US/FR
Sugar Blues & Daddy-O US/FR

“… profound flow … and perfect assonance put the pepper in the chili sauce for the Hot Dog …
Yum.” Jerome Traverse, "Dr. Blues"