HookRock Blues & Roots Festival 2019


HookRock Blues & Roots Festival 2019 

I like the tradition so many of us musicians have adopted, of the after Festival/ tour gratitudes. Brace yourself, this is a long one! It’s always such a whirlwind experience with very little time…

IBC 2019 - Memphis Bound!

Well, we did it!

We won the Cincy Blues Challenge as a Duo. :)

photo by Kelly Thornton

So excited to go back to Memphis for the 35th International Blues Challenge (IBC) January 22-26, 2019.


Red Here! 

This morning while warming up and prepping for this weekend’s gigs, I was listening to my favorite vocal warm-up playlist. I realized I had not mentioned the amazing musicians who directly inspired our compositions on our CD…

Cincy Blues Challenge 2018

Red Here!

Excited to announce that

Lil' Red & The Rooster will compete in the 2018 Cincy Blues Challenge

as a Duo & Combo! Yes, they let you do that.

The fabulous Ricky Nye will join…

Gettin' Started

Welcome, Red here,

After four months of curl pulling, we're finally up and LIVE!!!

Our new CD Soul Burnin' is now available for sale here and at live shows.

Check out the shop.

Visit the media…