Red Here! 

This morning while warming up and prepping for this weekend’s gigs, I was listening to my favorite vocal warm-up playlist. I realized I had not mentioned the amazing musicians who directly inspired our compositions on our CD Soul Burnin’ ! So I’ll do that now.

I’ll start by mentioning that we’re determined to keep playing blues that swings. It saddens me that swing rhythms are disappearing. Personally, for me, it’s one of the elements of blues music I find healing. Something about the simple and tight structure of 12 bars on a shuffle inspires creativity in finding your own way with a rhythmic freedom. Swinging a shuffle lets you groove with a metronome. Every musician can feel the ghost in relationship to the 2 & 4 however they’re soul leads. The challenge that invigorates the mind is doing this while holding the 1 & 3 tight in metronomic time! The tighter you hold to tempo the more delicious the groove. Another sumptuous challenge is the relationship of the rhythm section holding time while the vocalist & soloists bend it. The rhythm section also has to follow and encourage dynamics without changing tempo. No matter how back or forward the soloist goes the rhythm holds tight. This creates an elasticity. To me this is a metaphor for the relationship between our internal emotional self and external reasoned self. The push and pull of our deep soul cries as we meet with daily circumstances. This is healing and a training that strengthens us. 

So that said, here are the artists who directly inspired Soul Burnin’: 

Clarence “Gatemouth” Brown, T-bone Walker, Tom Waits, Etta James, Dinah Washington, Diunna Greenleaf, Ry Cooder, Elmore James, Little Willie John, B B King, Albert King, Big Joe Maher, Little Charlie, Tampa Red, Tiny Grimes, Taj Mahol, Eric Bib, Keb Mo, Arthur Smith & Kenny Burrell. 

Can you hear these influences on our compositions? 

Who else do you hear? 

As always thanks for your listening!!!!

Red Out! 

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