Rhythm Roosters

Denis Agenet

“Denis Agenet is a unique drummer in his sense of accompaniment. He supports, intervenes, demands and suggests … always in an opportune maner. His dynamism and talent have seduced many international artists … Denis is a regular at major Blues events … and we understand why! ”
Michel Rolland, Director & Programmer Cognac Blues Passion

The drums are no longer his only instrument, for more than a decade writing and composition have become a ubiquitous part of his work, notably with Bad Mules who won the 2015 France Blues Challenge and participated in the 2016 International Blues Challenge in Memphis. Since 2010, the guitar and singing have become new strings for his bow, to re-explore the blues, swing, country and rock & roll from New Orleans to Chicago. Several tours in the USA accompanying local artists, enabled him to meet new people, gave him new experiences and strengthened his knowledge of African-American music. Since then many talented artists have taken him in confidence:

Josh Miller, Karl W. Davis, Jim McKaba (Jimmy Rogers, Crown Prince Waterford…), Barrelhouse Chuck (Otis Rush, Buddy Guy…), Philippe Ménard, Dr Burt, Mr Bo Weavil, Mac Arnold (Muddy Waters, John Lee Hooker…), Jimmy Burns, CW Ayon, Dave Gross, Jonn Del Toro Richardson…

Abdell B. Bop

Abdell Bouyousfi has been an icon of the French blues, roots, rock and punk scenes for more than 25 years, beginning his career in the hard-rocking clubs of France and Spain as an in-demand touring musician.

In 1999 he formed Rosebud Blue Sauce with French swing guitarist Nico Duportal, and planted himself firmly as the on-call bass player for American rhythm and blues artists on tour throughout Western Europe.

Abdell’s impressive touring experience reads like a who’s who of American blues, appearing on stage alongside Lynwood Slim, Mitch Woods, Gerry Hundt, Ponty Bone, Big George Brock, Super Chikan, R.J Mischo, Ron Hacker, Dave Herrero, Tom Holland, Sean Carney, Gene Taylor (Fabulous Thunderbirds / The Blasters), Keith Dunn, Omar Coleman, Ray Schinnery, Doug Jay, Ricky Nye, Ernie Southern, Jimmy Adler, Cash Box Kings, Joel Paterson, Oscar Wilson, Dave Gross, CW Ayon, David Maxwell (Freddie King), Rod Piazza, Sean Costello, just to name a few.

Abdell released his first solo CD, “The Story So Far” on Big Spoon Records in 2012 and is always on tour or in the studio.