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Soul Burnin’ Wrong by Jennifer Milligan

You make me so angry and I’m not alone
Your cruel and evil ways they cut me to the bone
Too many people spreading violence around, Oh Lord, it’s soul burnin’ wrong

I’d take an eraser do away with you
But that’s not the humane thing to do
Too many women raped slapped around, soul burnin’ wrong

Ya wanna duke it out, take it to the ring
Ya knock an innocent out your gonna hear me sing
Too many black boys shot to the ground, soul burnin’ wrong

Now I’ll hold your anger, wipe away your tears
But I won’t buy your psychopath fears
Got to find some common ground, and start spreading that love around

I said love. Spread your love around
Oh spread your love around
Too many people, too many people
Got to find some common ground

I don’t care your rationality, don’t care your nationality
Ya got no business in my sexuality
Get in touch with reality cause this here is the home of liberty

I said liberty that means freedom
And freedom is equality
Color, gender, race or belief this is the home of liberty

Christian, Atheist, Muslim or Jew
We’ve all gotta find something better to do
Open your heart to love, please open your heart

Cause there are too many of us in this melting pot
We gotta spread love, we’re all gonna rot
Ya got this world turned upside down
So if you can’t spread your love around
If you can’t spread your love
Take your psychopathic ass right out town.