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From the recording Soul Burnin'

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Tic Toc by Jennifer Milligan

Tic Toc I’m waitin’ for my baby to come home.
Tic Toc tonight we’ve got the place all to our own.
Put on my red dress, my strappy heels.
Dinner’s on the table, candles, flowers, chocolates, champagne chilled.

Tic Toc still waitin’ for my baby to come home.
Tic Toc should’ve been home an hour ago.
Chicken’s cold, candles burnin’ low.
I’m down half a bottle and those chocolates ... mmmmmm

Tic Toc the clock on the wall is starin’ at me.
Tic Toc I’m wonderin’ where my baby can be.
Chocolates are murdered, champagne bubbles no more.
I got my baggies on, red dress closeted, strappy heels on the floor.

Tic Toc, the telly’s rerunnin’, it’s well passed three.
Tic Toc, clock, stop your starin’ at me
Tic toc tic toc tic toc my head spinnin’ round and round.
I’m waitin’ for my baby, still waitin’ for my baby to come home.

And I’ve been waitin’, I’m waitin’ through the Simpsons
South Park, Friends & How I Met Your Mother, one more time.
Simpsons, South Park, Friends around the clock.
Six hundred freekin’ channels, still nothing better on!!!!

Tic Toc now I’m findin’ this is just plain rude.
Tic Toc … yea … I’m gonna tic toc on your ….um hum
Couldn’t find the time? Oh what I, I slipped your mind?
Don’t think I deserve a simple call? … uh oh, what’s this?.
Fifty-five missed calls and twenty-eight messages. Crap!

Tic toc … hold on. I’m gonna look outside.
Tic Toc … Oh no, he’s been asleep there all night.
Been sittin’ there since half past nine.
Well, I told him to get that buzzer fixed a week ago,
He couldn’t find the time.

Guitar …. I’m so sorry honey.
Guitar …. Somehow my phone was on silence.
Guitar …. Gee, baby, so glad your home.