New album coming in October 2022!

"We like to finish every concert by honoring the legends who inspire us with this medley of Muddy Waters' "Trouble No More" & Magic Sam's "Lookin' Good". We've played it as a duo in the finals at the International Blues Challenge, at Buddy Guy's Legends and as a full band to thousands at festivals. Every time seeing the thrill in fans faces lights our souls on fire." Lil' Red


July has us in France with the French combo Pascal Mucci on drums & Jean-Marc Despeignes on bass and featuring Jean-Marc Labbe on baritone sax. We'll be boogieing away as headliners on the Gresiblues Festival July 4th and opening the Cognac Experience stage on Saturday July 9th at Cognac Blues Passion Festival! 

New Album release in October 2022. Here's a little about it ... September 2021 was the time, Chicago the place where Lil’ Red Records  produced a new Lil’ Red & The Rooster album consisting of ten original songs and an adaptation of "Nobody's Fault But Mine". We put together a Grammy Winning dream team to get your booty swinging, Engineer Blaise Barton of JoyRide Studio, Kenny “BeedyEyes” Smith on drums and Felton Crews on bass. If that’s not enough to get you tapping in anticipation, we also have Parisian renowned Jean-Marc Labbe on baritone sax and Billy Branch singing and playing harmonica on "Keep On Loving You". Well, my booty’s shaking, my soul’s burnin’, my heart’s warmin' follow our socials for updates on it's release in October 2022!!!
Ticklish Blessings!

Lil' Red

Lil' Red & The Rooster

“The best of the evening !!” ”

— Rootsville, BayCar Blues Festival 2018

Jen "Lil' Red" Milligan & Pascal Fouquet

Contagious charm & serious blues

With bite, humor & contagious charm, 2019 International Blues Challenge Finalists Jennifer Milligan & Pascal Fouquet swing, scratch, bounce & boogie some seriously fresh and original music inspired by their love for those ol’ vintage blues and high energy rhythm & blues. As a duo or backed by a deep in the pocket rhythm section they may inspire you to rise-up and shake a tail feather. 

It was a serendipitous encounter in Paris at Le Caveau de La Houchette in 2010, that brought this unlikely duo together. Perfect timing, and perfect tension create a dynamic on stage and in their music that's completely unpredictable, absolutely adorable and seriously stunning.

Pascal Fouquet has an eloquence in his playing that reaches back to the legends who taught him, always with a tone and style completely his own. He's a guitarist's guitar player.

Lil' Red invites you into her heart and home on stage, then gives you a piece of her mind. She's sassy, smart and sultry. Groove oozes from every pour of her soul. 

In 2017, Chicago Blues Hall of fame inductee Dave Specter produced their album "Soul Burnin"' and in 2018, he joined them at the prestigious BayCar Blues Festival. In 2019, as a duo they were finalists in the International Blues Challenge and Semifinalists as a band in 2020 representing Cincy Blues. In 2022, they join forces with Dave again at the Beautiful Swamp Blues Festival in France.

You can see them shuffling and groovin’ several times a year at Buddy Guy’s Legends in Chicago and Natalie's Music Venue in Columbus, Ohio as well as touring to festivals around the globe. If you want to see them in a truly special intimate venue where they first played as a duo, see them at Java Central in Lil' Red's home town of Westerville, Ohio. 

Oct. 21st, 2022 will be the release of a new album, Keep On!, with Kenny "Beedyeyes" Smith and Felton Crews. Billy Branch joins them on their fans favorite song, "Keep On Lovin You". Also, featured is Parisian baritone sax player Jean-Marc Labbe. 

“I passed Lil’ Red & The Rooster’s set dancing and almost forgot to take photos.” ”

— Blues Magazine, BayCar Blues Festival 2018


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USA Combo

This duo knows the importance of a strong rhythm section that knows how to bounce and swing a shuffle. Who that is depends on where they're at. 

If you're lucky, you can catch them with Kenny "Beedyeyes" Smith & Felton Crews who play on their recent album, Keep On. You may also see them with guests like Dave Specter, Colin John, Long Tall Deb, Ricky Nye, Sean Carney and or Shaun Booker. The more the spicier the gumbo!

Pascal Fouquet


This blues man got his start playing classical guitar at the age of 11 on a farm in Normandy, France. Five years later when BB Kingʼs “Blues Is King” reached his ears, his focus changed to Blues, from there he became one of the most admired Blues guitarists in France. This extraordinary soloist integrates the Blues of the 40’s & 50’s with contemporary blues to create his own unique sound and style. In his 40+ year career, he has won several awards for best soloist. He’s shared the stage with many recognized Blues artists including Diunna Greenleaf, Sax Gordon, Sean Costello, Alex Schultz, Kid Ramos, Jimmy Morello, Mike Sanchez, Andy J. Forest, Michael “Hawkeye” Herman, Rob Rio, Kenny “Blues Boss” Wayne, Candye Kane, Fernando Jones, Ricky Nye, & Steve Clayton. He remains ever true to the Blues and his favorite guitar masters, T-Bone Walker, Tiny Grimes, & Charlie Christian.

Paris Combo

Jean-Marc Despeignes * Bass & Pascal Mucci * Drums + Jean-Marc Labbe * Baritone Sax

The Paris Combo's foundation are some of France's finest blues & swing musicians. Full of charm and a powerful swing, they're reputed in the French dance world as top notch and classy professionals! Often joined by,  Jean-Marc Labbe on baritone sax and can be seen on tour with Chicago Blues Hall of Famer Dave Specter. The more the groovier.


Latest Release new one coming in 2022!

This is a high-quality work by every contributor and the production is crystal clear so that all of the nuances that are liberally sprinkled through every track can be heard and appreciated…and to get maximum benefit from this album, I suggest you do just that. It is somehow familiar and yet has clarity and originality that lifts it way above many similarly targeted releases…it’s like slipping into something comfortable and relaxing with a bottle of quality red wine…be it French or New World!NINE -doodle paws out of TEN ”

— Tom Dixon, Blues Doodles

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