Lil’ Red & The Rooster

contagious charm; serious blues

2019 International Blues Challenge Finalists

Since 2010, the award winning international couple, Jennifer Milligan and Pascal Fouquet, have been writing and touring together around the globe. Touching and refreshing with bite and humor, their original songs come from their love for those old jazzy blues and post-war rhythm & blues. They’re warm and inviting and their music is inspired and innovative. Backed by a deep in the pocket rhythm section, blues with a spirit full of hope and joy may inspire you to get up and boogie!


Produced by and featuring Dave Specter, our new CD of 12 original songs, was recorded in Chicago in June 2017. A true French/American collaboration Jennifer “Lil’ Red Milligan & Pascal “Rooster” Fouquet are joined by the dynamite French rhythm section Abdell B. Bop on upright bass and Denis Agenet on drums, with some spicy hot sauce of award winning boogie/ blues pianist Ricky Nye and Shaun Booker, Jeff Morrow and Caroline Rau on vocals.

Jennifer “Lil’ Red” Milligan

“ … diva voice that walks voluptuously from Bessie Smith to Janis Joplin crossing without a hitch tonalities and eras always sounding the most sincere and accurate possible.” Fred Delforge, France Blues Association

A multi-talented veteran of the stage, from Westerville, OH, USA, her 30+yr professional career has been diverse as an actor, dancer & singer/songwriter who has touched the hearts of hundreds of thousands internationally on stage, screen and recording. Her magnetic presence, exuberant energy and genuine smile bring a warm authentic charm to the blues scene. With her bed as a stage and hairbrush for microphone, she started singing at the age of 6 accompanied by her motherʼs 45s on her Mickey Mouse turntable. By the age of 11 her bed was replaced by a stage and by 22 she was touring the country as the lead in the National tour of Hair. The blue notes have called to her all her life and since 2010 she’s been listening. She speaks and writes from her heart, direct and unafraid to sing of what makes her soul burn.

Pascal “The Rooster” Fouquet

“I recently had the pleasure of producing Lil Red & The Rooster’s Soul Burnin’ album and was so impressed with Pascal Fouquet’s excellent guitar playing. He’s a serious and dedicated musician with a great sense of style and most importantly, a truly original voice on his instrument. He’s one of the best European blues guitar players I’ve heard.” Dave Specter

This blues man got his start playing classical guitar at the age of 11 on a farm in Normandy, France. Five years later when BB Kingʼs “Blues Is King” reached his ears, his focus changed to Blues, from there he became one of the most admired Blues guitarists in France. This extraordinary soloist integrates the Blues of the 40’s & 50’s with contemporary blues to create his own unique sound and style. In his 40+ year career, he has won several awards for best soloist. He’s shared the stage with many recognized Blues artists including Diunna Greenleaf, Sax Gordon, Sean Costello, Alex Schultz, Kid Ramos, Jimmy Morello, Mike Sanchez, Andy J. Forest, Michael “Hawkeye” Herman, Rob Rio, Kenny “Blues Boss” Wayne, Candye Kane, Fernando Jones, Ricky Nye, & Steve Clayton. He remains ever true to the Blues and his favorite guitar masters, T-Bone Walker, Tiny Grimes, & Charlie Christian.

Rooster’s Columbus Combo

Dwight Caries on Bass & The Governor on Drums & Percussion

Rooster’s Paris Combo

Simon “Shuffle Boyer on Drums, Jean-Marc Despeignes on Bass & Fabien Saussaye on Keys



Because we’re international, the best way to reach us is by email!