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 so you're looking for artists for your event or rooster?

Lil' Red & The Rooster comes in many combinations to fit a variety of venue sizes and price ranges. Whether you're looking for a headlining group for your festival or a private concert in an intimate space, every combination has the same great music, quality musicians and professionalism. 

They play primarily original songs inspired by pre-60's Blues and Rhythm & Blues with a touch of vintage jazz. Spanning across all styles in these genres, they're high energy, interactive and leave you feeling good. Lil' Red's lyrics and style is poignant and occasionally biting. If this concerns you, lyrics and song lists can be adjusted for all ages and audiences. 

They're able to travel internationally and Jennifer & Pascal have the right to work in the USA & EU without special visas. 

Lil' Red Records handles booking for Lil' Red & The Rooster, Jennifer "Lil' Red" Milligan & Pascal Fouquet plus special guests. If you're a booking agency interested in taking or over lending a helping hand, we welcome your interest to lighten our load!

Are we right for you?


  • Blues Rock
  • Playing music to live the "musician's lifestyle"
  • Heavy drinkers or drug addicts
  • Lil' Red isn't a screamer
  • Pascal doesn't sound "like another famous guitarist"
  • A Bar Band
  • Late


  •  Original music inspired by pre-70's Electric Blues, Rhythm & Blues and Jazz 
  • High energy festival & concert performers 
  • Skilled, professional, stylish, entertaining, humorous 
  • Danceable, thought provoking, feel good, dynamic, healing 
  • Respectful


We're easy going professionals, and there are things we need to provide the very best concert. ?- happens, right? & circumstances are what they are, so negotiation's possible.

  • Lil' Red needs 8 hrs of sleep a night before a gig and plenty of water.
  • Maximum of 2 hours of singing a night, this can be divided up as fits your needs. On a heavy tour better to limit it to 1.5 hours of vocals a night. Adding a second soloist and or vocalist can extend concert time.
  • If more than 2hrs drive from home base or hotel, Lil' Red will need a mirror, sink and place to change.
  • Hotel rooms for each musician. (1 room for Pascal & Lil' Red)
  • Water at the gig.
  • A purple polka dot marshmallow. (? kidding)


  • Lil' Red & Pascal can legally work in the USA & EU without special visas.
  • They're married, so 1 less room.
  • Extremely comfortable and experienced on stage and with improvisation.
  • Pascal looks good and plays exceptionally well under all circumstances.
  • Lil' Red is an actress and dancer able to do presentations, announcements and character work.
  • They have rhythm sections in the USA & EU and many friends ready to jump on a gig!


Why the combo?

If you wanna see Lil' Red dance, play rhythm guitar & washboard and hear Pascal hit the heights backed by a deep in the pocket rhythm section well then book a Combo! 

You can choose a 4, 5, or 6 piece combo or more. All the musicians we work with are professional good people who can swing those shuffles, jump those boogies and get funky!

Lil Red & The Rooster clearly captured the hearts of all the blues fans present and the conclusion was: top class. I had never had any doubts about this. For me, the best of the festival.”

Marc Bouillon for Rootsville, HookRock Festival 2019

Looking for a headlining wham bam boogie?

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Special Guests