Jennifer "Lil' Red" Milligan

A multi-talented veteran of the stage, from Westerville, OH, USA, her 30+yr professional career has been diverse as an actor, dancer & singer/songwriter who has touched the hearts of hundreds of thousands internationally on stage, screen and recording. Her magnetic presence, exuberant energy and genuine smile bring a warm authentic charm to the blues scene. With her bed as a stage and hairbrush for microphone, she started singing at the age of 6 accompanied by her motherʼs 45s on her Mickey Mouse turntable. By the age of 11 her bed was replaced by a stage and by 22 she was touring the country as the lead in the National tour of Hair. The blue notes have called to her all her life and since 2010 she’s been listening. She speaks and writes from her heart, direct and unafraid to sing of what makes her soul burn.

“ … diva voice that walks voluptuously from Bessie Smith to Janis Joplin crossing without a hitch tonalities and eras always sounding the most sincere and accurate possible.” ”

— Fred Delforge, France Blues Association

IIn her professional career she has performed in and or choreographed more productions than years she has lived, sharing the stage with many recognized performing artists including Dennis DeYoung,, Carl Anderson, Ted Neeley, Carlos Benthien, Dave Specter, Andy J. Forest, Michelle Horsefield, LaChance, Gary Carney, Steve Clayton, Drew Davies, Ricky Nye, Matthew Skoller, Shane D. Wilson, Robert Smith, Thommy Price (Joan Jett), Eric 13, Shannon Conley (Lez Zeppelin), Nico Wayne Toussiant, Shaun Booker, Long Tall Deb, Colin John, Sean Carney, Micah Kesselring and Eileen Howard.


2017 Lil’ Red & The Rooster – “Soul Burnin’ 
2016 Lil' Red & The Rooster - "L'Odeon JRC Live" 
2015 Shane D. Wilson “You Asked For It” – washboard & backups  
2014 Alain Messier “Raisin’ Blues” – Featured vocalist  
2014 New Line Up “Helpin’ Hand”– Featured vocalist  
2013 Lil’ Red & The Roosters – “Out Of The Coop!”  
2012 Jenny Lee & The Hoodoomen – “Pretty Gritty City” 


  • 2019 Winner Band Cincy Blues Challenge
  • 2019 International Blues Challenge Finalist Solo/Duo
  • 2018 Winner Solo/Duo Cincy Blues Society Challenge
  • 2018 2nd Place Blues, Jazz & Folk Music Challenge
  • 2017 Second Place Blues, Jazz & Folk Music Challenge
  •  2015 France Blues Finalist 
  •  2015 International Blues Challenge Participant
  • 2014 Winner Solo/Duo Columbus Blues Challenge 
  • 2000 Best Choreography Columbus Dispatch 
  • 1998 Best Supporting Actress Columbus Dispatch 
  • 1992 Member of Actors Equity Association 
  • 1986 Ohio Arts Council Award 
  • 1986 National Advancement For The Arts Award 
  • 1985 Member of American Federation of Radio and TV Artists 

Lil’ Red & The Rooster 
Sugar Blues & Daddy-O 
Jenny Lee & The Hoodoomen 
00 Feedback/ Cheap Thrill 
The Sex Slaves

“… before Jennifer Milligan can finish her entrance onto the stage, the audience immediately falls under the spell of this extremely charismatic singer!””

— Alain Hoit, Zic-a-Zic Magazine

Training Lineage & Acting/ Singing/ Dancing resume

University of Cincinnati College Conservatory of Music - BFA - Musical Theatre

Naropa University - MFA - Contemporary Performance


BLUES, JAZZ, SOUL, MUSICAL THEATRE, CLASSICAL TECHNIQUE AND INTERPRETATION: Coaching:    Teeny Tucker, Shaun Booker, Jeffrey Saver, Oscar Kosarin, Michael Graves Technique:  Michelle Horsefield, Nancy Evers, David Adams, Steven Hilderbrand Choral: Joyce Stonebraker, Gary Everett 

ROY HART / ALFRED WOLFSOHN’S EXTENDED VOICE:  Mentor:     Jonathan Hart Makwaia Teachers: Ethie Friend, Carol Mendelsohn, Saule Ryan, Kaya Anderson, David Goldsworthy, Liza Mayer, Derek Rossignol, Ian Magilton, Linda Wise, Ralf Peters, Agnes Dumouchel, Edda Heeg, Marianne Le Tron, Ivan Midderigh, Susanne Weins, Marie-Paule Marthe, Penny Kritzer 

LUIGI JAZZ: Luigi  (My NYC Papa) Teachers:  Francis J. Roach, Joey Ducette, Sean Powers,  Lester Horton: James Truitte  Post-Modern:   Barbara Dilley, Wendell Beavers  Viewpoints:      Wendell Beavers, Barney O’Hanlon Contact Improv:  Nita Little, Andrew Howard, Chris Aiken, Alicia Grayson, Gretchen Spiro, Teri Carter, Javier Cura, Aaron Jessup, Carolyn Staurt, Scott Wells, Shel Wagner Rasch,  Stefan Fabry, Angie Hauser, Scott Rodwin,  Johanna Walker, Krista DeNio, Steve Homsher  Tap: Phil Black, Joan Walton, Pam Schalarith Afro-Modern; Onye Ozuzu  Latin Jazz: Phil Black Tango:                   Javier Cura  Musical Theatre: Preston Misner, Diane Lala, Joan Walton 


Felix Ivanov  -Checkov, Stanislovisky, Vakhtangov, Decroux, Combat, Puppetry, Mask Stephen Wangh -      Grotowski Katzura Kan - Butoh  Erica Berg  -Grotowski Barney O’Hanlon -   Suzuki, Viewpoints Diane Kvapil -           Misner, Morris  Aubrey Berg - Uta Hagen, Cohan, Dialects William Goldsmith - Children’s Theatre  & physical comedy Phillip S Wilson - Stage combat, technical theatre 
Steven Anderson - Scene work  Michael Graves - Shakespeare,  on-camera Michael MIlligan  -Shakespeare 

 Barbara Dilley - The Red Square, dance improv  Moises Kaufman - Moment Work Leigh Fondakowski -Moment Work Daniel Banks - Performance Studies, Ensemble building, and creation Dan Safer -Choreographic Theatre Meredith Monk             - Voice & Movement composition Ann Waldeman  - Performative Poetry 

Iana Lahi  - Spiritgateways:  movement healing, meditation  Bonnie Cohan  -       Body, Mind Centering Erika Berland -       Body, Mind Centering  Wendell Beavers - Developmental Movement Carolyn Eberle -Barbara Brennan 

Sabumnim Yong Ji In- Hap Ki Do              Felix Ivanov  -Tai Chi, Kung Fu 
Sensei Andy  -Judo


  • Guiding Light                                         Madeleine                                 CBS 
  • Below The Belt                                      Nurse                                         Poor  Box Productions 


  • Hair                                                           Sheila                 20th Aniv Tour Pink Lace Productions 
  • JC Superstar (National Tour)      Ensemble      Niko Assoc (Ted Neely,Carl Anderson) 
  • JC Superstar (European Tour)    Ensemble           European Tour Wolfgang Bosch 


  • Suburbia                                           Sooze                                  Contemporary American Theatre Company 
  • Uncle Vanya                                     Sonya                                  Undercroft Players 
  • Art of Being Oscar                         Lily / Constance               Georgia Shreve 
  • Heroine                                             Sam                                      The Flea Theatre 
  • Rocky Horror Show                      Janet                                    Stage 5 Reparatory 
  • The Good Doctor                            Actress #2                         Stage 5 Reparatory 
  • Arms and The Man                        Riana                                   Stage 5 Repertory 
  • Oh, Jackie!                                        Jackie Kennedy      Act Out Productions * Mel Helizter 
  • Blue Plate Special                          Ramona                              Metro Music Theatre 
  • Man w/ a Load of Mischief         The Lady                             Metro Music Theatre 
  • Queen of Satin                                 Annie                                   Red Herring Theatre 
  • JC Superstar                                   Tormentor                          Walnut Street Theatre 
  • South Pacific                                    Bucket Head                     Candlewood 
  • Sweet Charity                                  Ensemble                           Candlewood 
  • JC Superstar                                   Tormentor                          American Stage Festival 
  • Oliver                                                 Nancy                                  Columbus Children’s Theatre             
  • Sleeping Beauty                              Beauty                                Columbus Children’s Theatre 
  • Edgar Allen Poe                              Ensemble                           Columbus Children’s Theatre 
  • Rapunzel                                           Witch                                  Columbus Children’s Theatre 
  • Aesop’s Fables                                Ensemble                           Columbus Children’s Theatre 
  • Child Writing Project                     Ensemble                           Columbus Children’s Theatre 
  • The Dining Room                            Ensemble                            Showboat Majestic 
  • Oklahoma                                         Ado Annie                           Showboat Majestic 
  • Cole                                                    Ensemble                           Showboat Majestic 
  • Cotton Patch Gospel                      Ensemble                           Showboat Majestic 
  • George M                                          Agnes                                  Showboat Majestic 
  • Dames at Sea                                   Joan                                    Showboat Majestic 
  • The Boyfriend                                  Dulcie                                  Ensemble Theatre of Columbus


  • Women Who Love Passionately      Performer/Writer   Boulder International Fringe  
  • In The Belly Of The Whale                 Director                             Jonathan Bender  
  • Acrobat Of Passion                             Performer/Creator       Naropa University  
  • Nightingale                                            Performer                             Felix Ivanov 
  • Dilly Dally Dali                                       Performer/Creator          In Situ 


  • Chicago                                            Roxy                                Cincinnati Conservatory of Music 
  • 110 In The Shade                           Snookie                           Cincinnati Conservatory of Music 
  • A Chorus Line                                Judy                                 Cincinnati Conservatory of Music 
  • The Baker’s Wife                          Simone                         Cincinnati Conservatory of Music 
  • Hair                                                      Jeanie                         Cincinnati Conservatory of Music 
  • Cowboy Mouth                             Cavale                        Cincinnati Conservatory of Music      
  • Les Liaisons Dangereuses     Marquise de Merteuil      Naropa University 


  • A Chorus Line                                           Morales                 Worthington Community Theater 
  • Pajama Game                                          Ensemble             Columbus Jewish Center 
  • Best Little Whorehouse in Texas   Ensemble           Worthington Community Theater 
  • Follies                                                            Young Sally          Players Theatre of Columbus 
  • The Boyfriend                                            Dulcie                      Players Theatre of Columbus 
  • Carnival                                                        Ensemble              Players Theatre of Columbus 
  • Cinderella                                                    Cinderella             Columbus Jewish Center 
  • Dragon Tale                                                 Ensemble              Players Theatre of Columbus 


  • Barnum                                                      Joyce Heth              Fort Hayes Performing Arts HS 
  • Mr Roberts                                                Ensemble                  Fort Hayes Performing Arts HS    
  • Oklahoma                                                 Chorus                                        Westerville North HS 
  • Pure As The Driven Snow                 Imogene                                     Westerville North HS 
  • The Crucible                                             Mary Warren                            Westerville North HS